When I saw this dress at Alice + Olivia a few weeks back I was in love. It had a rich blue background highlighted by sparkly zebras with tassel manes that moved, I had to have it! I love fashion that inspire imagination and conversation, especially conversation with the opposite sex. A gentleman came up […]

Being surrounded by palm trees and jungly plants (still on vacation in Miami) has gotten me feeling adventurous. Inspired by the lush tropical scenery I wanted my outfit to channel my inner Indiana Jones. I decided to combine jewelry from all over the world: Egyptian revival rings, a sterling snake bracelet, and an old brass […]

After the weather gods decided to plunge us in temperatures in the 60s (It’s JUNE!) I retaliated by booking a trip to Miami with friends. Yes, I understand Mr. Groundhog decided there would be 6 more weeks of winter but its June. So Mr. Groundhog, weather gods, controller of the universe, whoever is in charge, […]

My friends calls me squirrel. My buckteeth, fat cheeks, neurotic disposition, bushy hair, and hoarding tendencies, must of given them the idea. While mindlessly perusing the pages of the eBay jewelry section I decided to see if I could find jewels in honor of my namesake. Imagine my surprise when this came up: “RARE antique […]