Gentleman it’s your time to shine. After decades of neglect from jewelry designers, you now have more options than ever to adorn yourself. Mens jewelry was once thought appropriate only for rappers, rockers & mafia bosses now however its De Rigueur for the fashion forward & free thinking man. While there are already a fair […]

Nothing is more sacred to a Parisian than a baguette (well except maybe their Chanel boybag). Parisian love their baguettes so much they even have laws around them, the Bread Decree of 1993 states; baguettes must be made and sold at the same location, cannot be frozen, and may contain only flour, water, yeast, and […]

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Step 1: Wear Badass Jewelry If you come into the dog park wearing baggy straight leg jeans, a t-shirt with a wolf on it, and your arm stack consists of “Livestrong bracelets” your gonna get caught. Make your life a little easier and go in there looking like you own the place. Get on Cruella […]

“A Taxi races to beat a blinking yellow light, causing an old pigeon to take flight, so slow is his gait, unfazed of the near miss to his life, a New York minute, a New York life, just a moment in time, in a place that has no specific rhyme. People come and go, as […]

Hallelujah, thank you founding fathers for giving us a day like July 4th. One of the few days out of the year where we can wear outrageous prints and styles with no social repercussions. (Any holiday where certain colors are prominent on that day allows that, FYI) If your not walking around your annual family […]

Call me bond, Gem Bond. International Woman of Jewelry Mystery. It’s two days from Independence day and I am posing in our nations capital as a British spy. What can I say? I couldn’t help it, this dress exudes British spy vibes. Now either I belong in the next Austin Powers sequel or I am […]