Brooches, Brooches everywhere this season. From the runways of Prada to the flap of the ever coveted Chanel bag, brooches are making a huge comeback. Long neglected for decades and arguably the most useful accessory they are coming back with good reason. You can wear your brooch in 100s of ways your only limit is your imagination! Hope you enjoy my #justbroochit ideas!


Some mornings my landlord decides that its too expensive to keep the apartment at 65 degrees so he lowers it to 60, naturally this makes all of my necklaces feel like ice against my skin. On those mornings I wear my scarf like a choker and put a brooch in the middle as the centerpiece. Volia! A warm necklace for cold mornings!


If you want to look like you just got back from exploring the Andes, wear a textured scarf and cinch it with a cabochon rhinestone brooch to give it just a hint of sparkle.


If you want to draw attention to your upper body, a long brooch around 3 to 4 inches on one flap of the scarf will do the trick!


If you own a lariat necklace that has a small slider you can make a real statement by adding a brooch just above the slider. This look can be constantly changed and is only limited by the number of brooches you have!


Women in the Victorian era use to place their brooch in the center of their dress to draw attention to um.. ahem, their bosoms. Here I show a more conservative approach but risque renditions are certainly welcomed.


The most classic brooch style for your scarf just place it on the side for a little je ne sais quoi.


A gal can never wear too much sparkle, add a rhinestone brooch to an already sparkly rhinestone necklace.


Are you already considered to be a little quacky and fun by friends & family? Live up to your reputation by embellishing your hat with an animal friend, in brooch form!


I love wearing brooches in my hair. If your hair is thick you can usually just pin it using the brooch mechanism. If your hair is thinner I suggest using bobby pins to secure it. you can check out another hair brooch look here


Here’s a great way to revamp your chunky chains. Pin your brooch pretty much anywhere on your chain to create a unique and fun look. I added a rhinestone brooch here but the possibilities are endless!


Here’s another example of brooching a chunky chain. I have a large brooch collection so when I brooch my chains I create it around a concept or idea. One guess as to what the big sun and butterfly means. Summer please come back soon!!!burrrrr

I hope you all enjoyed all of my #justbroochit ideas! Show me your brooch style by tagging your posts with #justbroochit on Instagram & Pintrest.