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When I enter most boutiques, my heart drops when I look at the jewelry selection. Boutique after boutique it’s all the same style and concept. Dainty plain rings for stacking, a little stone dangling off a plain chain, formless or poorly made charms, big rhinestone statement necklaces that fall apart after 2 wears. Big companies […]

Sprawling vistas, year round snow capped mountains, the drive to Lake Louise is a destination unto itself. For decades people would save postcards of the famed lake, hoping that one day they would view its beauty in person. The photos I saw of the lake were so dreamy. So I was inspired to wear something […]

Brimfield is one of the last surviving relics of the traditional antique world.(i.e. before ebay) An iconic bazaar with miles full of antique & vintage wares, who knows what untold treasures are to be found. Its a guaranteed adventure, rain or shine. Having been in the antique world for over 10 years, I’ve attended numerous […]

Hello Friends:) Hope you all have been well. Sorry for the delay in between postings but I have been so busy with my businesses that I have neglected my blog! I’ve cut back significantly on my work load by restructuring my businesses, so get ready to see lots of shiny objects on the blog! Anywhoo […]

Brooches, Brooches everywhere this season. From the runways of Prada to the flap of the ever coveted Chanel bag, brooches are making a huge comeback. Long neglected for decades and arguably the most useful accessory they are coming back with good reason. You can wear your brooch in 100s of ways your only limit is […]

Nothing is more sacred to a Parisian than a baguette (well except maybe their Chanel boybag). Parisian love their baguettes so much they even have laws around them, the Bread Decree of 1993 states; baguettes must be made and sold at the same location, cannot be frozen, and may contain only flour, water, yeast, and […]

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